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About Us

PharmacyCard.org is a privately held company that was founded in early 2010 to provide access to discount health benefits through the distribution of the free prescription discount card to the many under and uninsured Americans. Although it once started as an online venture, today the distribution model has grown to include non-profit organizations, municipalities, hospitals, insurance companies, universities, groups and agents to make the card as widely available as possible to those that need assistance.

The PharmacyCard.org prescription discount card is widely regarding as the best discount program for consumers. It’s expected that within the next few years that this best in class program could become the most used and consumer shared card nationally as brand awareness and card distribution continues to rise.

Our data processing partner was founded in 1998 as the switching company dedicated and created for the Independent Pharmacist. They have since expanded its services to also include superior Pharmacy Benefit Management Solutions and Health Savings Programs.