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We partner with hundreds of groups of all sizes including:

Why PharmacyCard.org?

We have a business model that will provide an additional revenue stream back to these and other groups. But the real question is why work with PharmacyCard.org? Here's the quick answer:

1) Personal Privacy
We consider consumers personal information to be private and it will never be sold or shared to insurance companies or other service providers. Keep in mind that it is legal for others to do this, we just don’t think it’s ethical. Enjoy the savings and don’t pay a price for it later!

2) Tools To Save Your Customers More
Be sure to try out our Drug Price/Pharmacy Finder Tool! This handy application will present consumers with options for generic drugs as well as therapeutic alternatives that are in the same class. This alone can save consumers hundreds of dollars on prescriptions.

3) Supports Local Pharmacies
Pharmacists love us because we don’t try to convert customers to high profit mail order that steals customers away from the local economy. We are backed by a national group of independent pharmacists who heartily support our program.

4) We're Growing Really Fast
With our unique approach to the market and the fact that our collective partners have over 22 million card holders in the market place, we are growing rapidly. We take the time to explain how the program works inside and out, and we do it with a level of transparency competitors won't touch.

5) The Best Part... It's Free!
Unlike other programs, there is no up-front or ongoing fees to join and market our program. You are only responsible for paying for your own cards and marketing materials as you need them.

What To Expect

Once registered, we'll provide you access to our top notch back office that includes marketing materials, reporting, and training for you to learn and grow an effective program. Commissions are paid monthly on a per prescription basis, and you can grow your business in the method that works for you. This could include working with various groups, online marketing, non-profits and even other individual agents.

PharmacyCard.org is not a MLM company and have chosen not to partner with these groups. Our desire is to first provide a quality benefit to consumers and then to work with our partners to create a steady residual income stream.

We do not promise yachts, lavish vacations or a fast track to riches. This is a real opportunity that provides real savings to consumers. With time and effort you can produce a steady residual income.

For more information, please contact us by email and we will be in touch with you very soon.